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Life to the fullest

I’m sitting here at the park watching one of my sons play while my other two kids are occupied elsewhere There’s a hefty group of teenagers here, more than would be expected at a playground.

But they’re not causing trouble. Just enjoying being teens, embracing the sunny weather and that blurry line between childhood and adulthood.

I’m watching a pair of them as they play hide-and-seek with friends. In their hiding place, they steal a smooch and a hug before a girl runs around the corner and hollers, “Found you!”

That urge to play is not quite muted. That desire to be known and to feel deep love has nearly blossomed to its fullest.

I’m grateful I’m past that stage and dreadful of my kids soon being there.

What choices will they make? Purity and innocence? Experimentation and curiosity? Defiance and self-indulgence?

Regardless of what they choose, they will somehow learn the truth about life, that there is such a thing as sin and it separates our hearts from God, that He is a loving Father who never stops pursuing us. One mistake, a few slip-ups, a thousand ongoing failures- they aren’t enough to make the God of our fathers stop calling us back to Him. He is relentless in His pursuance of us, His children. His love for us will never cease.

So, let us not fear when we make mistakes. Let us be wise and run to God when sin finds us, when our imperfections are exposed, when an, “I found you!” moment threatens to ruin us. Let us trust God’s goodness to triumph over our own evilness.

It will.

And let us run and play and be joyful like children. Let us love as God loves us, unconditionally, wholeheartedly.

We can.

We can be be pure and innocent, though we have a past filled with sin. We can be curious and experimental with limitless love. We can defy Satan’s temptations and practice reliance in God’s power.

We can because God is good.

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