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Living the dream

In case there was any question, let me just set things straight: God gave me the perfect husband.

No, Kent’s not perfect. I could fill a book with all the ways he’s failed. But, God couldn’t have given me a husband more perfectly made to complement me in every way than He did when He gave me Kent.

Here’s one out of innumerable examples to prove my point.

Last night, Kent and I took a walk under the stars. We talked about a lot of things- but mostly his job. Changes within his company prompted the subject. At one point, I asked him, “What’s your dream job?”

He thought for a while and finally said he didn’t have one. He explained that when he was in high school, other kids were dreaming of what they’d do one day, and all he could think was that he wanted to be a hard worker, provide for his family, and spend the evenings with them at home.

Y’all, Kent may be a claims adjuster for an insurance company, but he’s working his dream job. And God has blessed him with another day at work, another paycheck to (more than) sustain us, another evening at home together.

He’s living his dream.

And, as if that weren’t blessing enough, all those things Kent wanted in his “dream job” were what I always wanted in a husband. I couldn’t care less if he’s in upper management or if the higher-ups know his name or if his title and rank move up each year.

What I always wanted was a husband who had a good job and kept it, a husband who worked hard and did a good job at work, a husband who enjoyed coming home every night to his family, a husband who gave us his best.

I’m living my dream. God knew what He was doing when He put us together. He had a plan. It’s still unfolding. And I’m loving where it’s taking us. Our life isn’t glamorous, but it’s blessed. In countless ways, blessed.

God is doing good things around you, too. He’s working for your good, giving you good blessings everyday. What are some ways you’ve witnessed this? I’d love to read your response in the comments below.

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