R.M. Snider is the author of The River Series quadrilogy, which includes: Bordertown Gypsy, Lynchtown Wolf, Mobtown Player, and Rivertown Crooner.

R.M. comes from a family of writers and storytellers. As a child, she made up stories each night to tell her little sister. Years later, while pursuing a career in commercial interior design, R.M. discovered she had a love for writing. 

Since then, she has authored four novels. Be it book signings, speaking to book clubs, giving presentations at libraries, or just meeting new fans, R.M. regularly participates in events which celebrate her books.

In 2013, she and her husband dove into the untamed world of foster care and eventually were blessed to adopt three children. The five of them live in the country near Fort Smith, Arkansas. When she’s not writing or spending time with family, R.M. enjoys running, playing the piano, operating a resource closet for foster families, dabbling in interior design, and making up new stories for her own children.