It’s Ugliest Before The Calm

Our kids, who first arrived at our house as scared foster children, have come a long way in the past two years. For instance, putting the boys to bed used to take all evening- sometimes all night. They were completely untrained as to what a bedtime was or how to sleep under sheets or even how to sleep on a bed. They fought us, literally, and were completely unruly. It was a nightmare every night… 

Now, however, the boys have matured tremendously and embraced the bedtime routine. There are no more fits at bedtime- no ear piercing, screaming outbursts or rooms torn apart. We can tell them to go get ready for bed, and they can do the whole routine by themselves. It is truly a miracle. They are like different people from who they were when they came to live with us. Thank God! And Kent and I can enjoy the last couple of hours of the day doing things we enjoy and relaxing with each other… Peace and quiet is a beautiful, underappreciated privilege.

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