Life in General

The Good Blessings

I am not speaking from offense- no one has offended me in any way on this matter, but it’s something I see trending and feel compel to comment on.
I have a problem when someone discredits what another person sees as a blessing. Since when did one-size-fits-all become a prerequisite for a blessing? Someone may be in dire need of a vacation, and when they receive one, it is a huge blessing. At the same time, another person may need a job to earn money and when they find work, they are immensely blessed. Why can’t a vacation and a hard work simultaneously be considered blessings? These things both meet needs and are even answers to prayers- maybe even to the same person at different stages in their life.
And to say that something isn’t a blessing simply because other people never experience it is to say that everyone needs the same thing. But we don’t. By saying one person is blessed because of XYZ is not the same thing as saying another person is not blessed because they don’t have XYZ. It’s just acknowledging that God was good to give that person exactly what they needed at exactly the time they needed it. “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” To me, that’s the only prerequisite for a blessing.

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