Adoption & Fostering

Heart Galleries and World Changers

Did you know that all 50 states have children waiting to be adopted? In fact, there are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted, in the US. That is a shocking statistic. Each state has a Heart Gallery which shows photos and profiles of waiting children. You can literally see the little faces of the orphans in every state, read their names and a brief description of them.

You know, thousands of couples out there are hoping to adopt and, they risk it all and post the photos and profiles on the internet. How ironic. There are people waiting to be parents and people waiting to be son and daughters. They can even look at each others photos and read their profiles- parents looking at kids, kids looking at parents. I bet most of those waiting kids, if given the chance to scan all the waiting parent profiles, would find dozens of parents they’d like to call their own, if not hundreds. I guess kids just aren’t as picky as grown-ups. But, man, what an amazing difference it would make in the world if the Christian waiting couples decided not to be picky and, instead, they picked dozens of potential children from the waiting kids profiles. That would be crazy awesome! There would be so many kids adopted, and those kids would grow up to know Jesus. Chances are they would grow up to be good parents, which means there would be fewer waiting kids in the next generation. If the Christians will step up and adopt waiting children, we could literally CHANGE THE WORLD! I’m totally in! Are you?

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