The Infertiles- You Are Not Alone

If someone is struggling with infertility, I can tell you the emotions it brings out are very difficult to handle. There are the frustrations of dealing with health care professionals, insurance companies, and figuring out how to pay for all those medical procedures and tests. And there’s the fear of every medical procedure and the result that each will bring. Then, there are the baby showers you feel guilty for politely declining, the birth announcements and gender reveal parties that make you want to just cry. Friends may say well-meant things that just make you hurt deep down. I experienced all of this.
But, if you are struggling with infertility, please don’t let yourself experience all those emotions alone. You are not alone. Many others have been and are right where you are and you need to know that. If you need some hope, please check out this blog that brought me hope when I was going through the pain of infertility.

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