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Even when death… thank God

Today is the anniversary of two very terrible events. Jesus’ death and the Oklahoma City bombing.

I remember the bombing well. I was twelve and lived in Oklahoma, two hours south of our state’s capital. The awful news that day was shocking, saddening. Why God, I wondered?

And, as I remember that today, about two thousand years ago, Jesus went up on that cross, I am once again left wondering why God?

168 innocent people, including 19 children, died in an explosion because two sinful men decided to seek revenge against a governmental system which they had concluded was corrupt.

Ironic that the reason Jesus died was because sinful men were defending their own corrupted governmental system. The Jews of His time had taken God’s commands and twisted them so far that they could not recognize the Messiah when He stood up and spoke in front of them in the synagogue.

David Zawila via

But Jesus’ death wasn’t the end. Death didn’t win that day. Thank God that the third day arrived, and He kept His promise. Jesus rose, no longer a victim of death’s grasp. Death and sin were overcome. The resurrection life had begun.

Twenty-four years ago, our state and nation grieved and said goodbye to 168 innocent people. But because of Christ’s victory over death, we have reason to rejoice: we will one day see many of those people again in heaven.

Thank God for this victory.

Thank God that sinful men and their evil actions do not have the final word.

Thank God that, one day, the joyful reunion of all the saints will erase all the sadness of days that have gone before, when tears were shed and ‘why-God’s were asked.

Thank God that Jesus, the good and loving King, has the final word.

Thank God for this victory.

Thank God.

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