10 Reasons Lacy Williams Should be in Your Personal Library

oOnce upon a summer shortly after I pledged my own I do, I got an invitation to a friend’s wedding.

Fast forward and umpteen years later, Lacy Williams and I are still living our happily-ever-afters. We’re both wives of amazing men, moms of the world’s greatest children, and authors, though of vastly different genres. While my books are heavy and deeply emotional, Lacy’s southern romances take a lighter approach that’ll restore your faith in endings that make you go, “Aww!”

If you’ve never taken a gander at her books, you’re definitely missing out. And here’s why:

1) Like I already said, Lacy promises a happily-ever-after to all her readers. No bittersweet endings or cliffhangers for this gal. Only sweet resolutions.

2) She’s a USA Today bestselling author! That means she doesn’t just say she writes good books- her loyal fans think so, too. Just check out her outstanding reviews on Amazon and BookBub, to name a few.

3) Lacy wrote an entire series based on beloved princess stories- with a twist. If modern day damsels in distress who are rescued by charming, beefy Ranch Hands is your jam, you’ll fall for Lacy’s Cowboy Fairytales Series.

4) She’s an Indie author. In a world of publishers that value cookie cutter stories above worthy content, Lacy’s broken the mold 40+ times over. This is great news for other authors whose stories can’t be crammed into a box- and it means readers like you have access to more books that are worthy of your attention. Score!

5) Lacy doesn’t always write Christian fiction- but you can bet she writes fiction Christianly. Foul language, gratuitous scenes, and things that haunt your dreams need not apply. What you will find in her books are characters with complicated pasts who resolve their conflicts with their grace and dignity still intact.

6) A number of her books are novellas, which are perfect for a brief moment of relaxation. I’m envisioning a beach chair on the sand, a Kindle in-hand, and just enough time to bronze my tan. Lucky for me, her most recent novella series, Looking Back, Texas, gives me four excuses to put my feet up. How many more weeks is it until summer break again?

7) Not only does Lacy have what it takes to make her mark in a world of fledgling writers, but she shares her wisdom with others. Through online classes, writer support groups, and behind-the-scenes chats, she offers sage advice to the authors of tomorrow. Gotta admire a successful person who shares the love!

8) If you’re a sucker for heartwarming stories on your Facebook newsfeed, you’re gonna want to follow Lacy Williams Books. Nearly every day, Lacy shares a video that’ll put a smile on your face, a glow in your heart- and maybe even tears in your eyes.

9) Her new release, Catching the Cowgirl, is coming out next month and we’re all excited because you can read a sample of the first three chapters here! Plus, there’s a teaser trailer on her Facebook page to really whet your appetite. Eek!

10) As if you needed another reason to love her, you can start your own Lacy Williams collection today by downloading a free copy of her ebook Someone Blue. Do yourself a favor and get it now. Your inner romantic will thank you.

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