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And so the summer goes…

I’ve had the delightful experience of meeting with two book clubs this summer who read Lynchtown Wolf. Overwhelmingly, the reviews were full of praise and many readers proposed questions they’re hoping get answered in the next novel. For example, will we find out what happens to Penny and her girls? Will Daniella and Robert ever get married? Can Daniella really not have children or is it just her imagination? But the questions I’ve most been asked is this: 

When is Rivertown Crooner coming out???

Well, I had this lovely plan that I would write everyday this summer and have Rivertown Crooner finished by September. But… kids happened. Three kids, actually. No, we didn’t get more children. But almost as soon as summer break hit, I realized that it’s as easy to write with kids at home as it is to build a tower out of marbles in the middle of an earthquake. So, in mid-June, I set writing aside for a couple months. Since that moment, the summer has been so much more peaceful and our family’s had a blast. We…

Went to the kids’ first concert.

Played at VBS.

Took apart a piano.
Visited the Fort Smith National Historic Site.
Celebrated our Country’s birth.
Walked (ok, drove) up a mountain.
Swam with cousins.
Took family photos.
Rode a unicorn. (Check out my hub’s abs!)
Tried on silly hats.
Did the incline.
Took drum lessons.
Spray-painted Cadillacs.
Pulled teeth.
Rocked out with Skillet.
Upcycled a piano.
Buried a pet.


The kids have also been rock stars while I worked countless hours getting supplies, formula and clothing to foster families. Lately, I’ve been painting my office and, though there hasn’t been a whole lot for the kids to help me with, they’ve been over-the-top supportive and well-behaved (it’s been a little scary how good they’re being, lol).
All my readers can rest assured that, come August 15, I will once again be setting my attention on Rivertown Crooner. It would be a miracle if I finished by my September deadline, but you’ll have access to the final novel in The River Series soon!

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