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How To Break Up Without Getting Divorced, Part 6

From June 4, 2010-

What not to date: 
For this section, I’d like to offer a few tips of “What not to date” in no particular order. Then, I’d like to open it up for anyone to add any tips of their own. 

Don’t date… 
1. A man who does not share your religious values. 
2. A man who yells or curses at his mother- ever. 
3. A man who is abusive in any way, be it emotionally,physically or sexually.
4. A man who has not yet overcome an addiction to sexuality, drugs, alcohol, gambling or anything else that is addictive. (Don’t get attached- they might never change. If you’re already attached- help them change or detach yourself from them.)
5. A man who cheats his customers or company.
6. A man who lies or is dishonest.
7. A man who refuses to pray with you.
8. A man who is no longer a teenager but is interested in someone who is. (Ask yourself this question: Why isn’t he dating girls his age? More than likely, he’s a preying Mr. Insecurity and you’re his target.)
9. Let me reiterate: If a man is 27 and he wants to date a 14 year old, it’s not ok.
10. 22 with 16? NO! Sick and wrong!

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