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Rape Culture and Christian Fiction

This all came out of a conversation I had with my husband the other night. I mentioned to him how one of my old favorites, Redeeming Love, which I read years ago and have recommended to many readers, has been pelted with criticism. The fire has come from both sides, Christian and non-Christian alike. When I first heard of this, I was indignant. “What fault could one possibly find in Francine Rivers’ classic which practically was the catalyst for an entirely different *and better* style of Christian fiction?”


Belief is [not] a four-letter word.

In my novel series, I wrote about a sexual abuse survivor as she navigates the legal system. Ironically, that fictitious event was set 96 years ago. This woman's documentation of the legal process after her sexual assault proves we haven't come far since, and justice for victims is still as elusive. The one thing you… Continue reading Belief is [not] a four-letter word.