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Exciting Announcement!

So, if you’ve been following me on social media, you know it’s been a little over a year since I published my fourth book. Ever since then (and even before then!) I’ve had people ask me, “So, what are you gonna write next?”

That’s always been a difficult question for me to answer, not because I don’t have ideas for books but because I have too many ideas. From Christian historical fiction to contemporary women’s lit to dystopian fantasy to children’s books, I’ve been spreading my writing across many genres.

Even still, I realized a long time ago that I produce better work when I let God lead me instead of trying to forge my own path. Having said that I’ll add that I often have no clue where God is leading me and I’m really good at making excuses for why I need to go off on my own instead of trust where He’s leading me.

Oh, when will I ever learn?

Back in October 2018, when I’d just published the super long version of Rivertown Crooner (it soon thereafter was split into two books – Mobtown Player and the new Rivertown Crooner), I decided I’d try my hand at a middle grade novel, that is, a book for kids aged 8-12. It wasn’t that I was super driven to write for kids, it’s just that I felt that’s where God was leading me.

But you know when you try to train a puppy how to walk on a leash and they’re all squirrelly and running all over the place and pulling you every which way except for straight down the road?


Yeah, that’s about how well I let God lead me on this one. I was all over that blessed road, stopping to sniff every pretty thing that popped up, getting myself into several tangled messes, and wearing myself out when I’d practically gotten nowhere. It took much longer than it should’ve, but I finally wore myself out trying to go my own way. When I laid down at my Master’s feet, panting, He stooped down to pet me, gave me a sideways grin, shook His head, and asked, “You ready to do this my way?”

Yes! A thousand times yes!

I’d already done a lot of the work. It’s amazing how going a mile with a puppy feels like twelve. It might’ve taken all of a year, but I did have that one mile under my built.

“Just a few more,” He told me.

We began walking and, by golly, ten miles of following His lead passed in a heartbeat. I wasn’t even winded.

“We’re there already?” I asked.

“Almost, little one.”

Y’all, I can see the end in sight. It’s just up the road, a beautiful place that’s starting to become clear.

And, now, for the exciting announcement.


My fifth book is almost complete!

I’m super excited about this little novel! In regard to my other four books, this one is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I’ll make another post soon telling you more about the book but, for now, you’ll just have to be satisfied in knowing it’s a middle grade novel (which I’m not officially calling the first in a series, but I have the dream of a series, so who knows?).

As the finalizations are made, cover design is worked / completed, I’ll post more updates and, of course, drop more hints about the storyline 😉 So stay tuned!