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When Life Gives You Power Outages

Some days, you’ve just got to improvise.

Last Sunday, we had one of those evenings where everything was going right. The people were happy and playing together. I got to sneak away and go for a run. I returned with a mission – to cut my boys’ hair.

Then things took a turn for the worst.

In the middle of the first haircut, my trimmers abruptly stopped. Then, I heard several loud pops. The power. It was out and there was no sign of it coming back on.

It was hair cutting time. And dinner time. And shower time. But how could we do all that with no electricity?


I’m glad we were able to roll with the punches because, sometimes, life’s just like that. It’s all good and then one unexpected kink can throw it all off.

We packed up, sweaty post-run body and wonky haircut and play-makeup face and all, and headed into town. We didn’t look good, nor did we smell good, but we made do and things were good. Tummies were fed and no one around us seemed to care we looked ridiculous or didn’t smell the greatest. Plus, we got to spend a little extra time together in the car and at the restaurant, time I would’ve normally spent rushing everyone around to shower and put their jammies on.

(Don’t you hate it when the power goes out when you’re getting your makeup face on?)
(We were going for a full fade… but a one-sided fade/mullet is cool too, right?)

Thankfully, God never gets thrown off. He knows all the kinks before they happen. He knows every bump in the road before your tires hit it. We can get all bent out of shape and throw our hands up and quit – or we can roll with it, knowing God’s got this.

How are you going to handle life’s power outages?