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Last week was all about dogs.

To begin with, I had the privilege of formatting a book for a local author. Home Is Where The Hound Is is about– you guessed it– a dog. Be on the lookout for more promotional plugs from me about this southern story with a golden heart.

Besides formatting Home Is Where The Hound Is, I got to help with the book cover’s photo shoot. Who do you think was the model? It was none other than Heidi, a bluetick coonhound. She was a delight, even if she was easily distracted by squirrels.

But the other reason last week was all about dogs is because we got a new puppy.

Meet Scout, newest member of the Snider family. He’s a brindle boxer and *gasp* we paid money for him.

Scout Snider

Yep, that’s right. Scout was NOT a rescue dog.

Now, here’s the part when I reveal why I’m really writing this post.

WARNING: I get a little passionate.

When I posted a photo on social media last week to announce Scout’s adoption into our family, I actually kind of worried what people would say. There’s a lot of hating these days on people buying pets instead of rescuing them. I know, I know. The world is overpopulated with pets. So, why would anyone buy one (and especially from a breeder)?

Because we wanted a boxer puppy, that’s why.

We love boxers. They’re wonder, dumb, goofy dogs. Their skull is 99% larger than their brain. (No, that’s not a scientific fact. It’s a veteran boxer-mom fact.) They have a unique stinky smell that we’ve grown to love. Even if they have no clue what’s going on (which is pretty much all the time), they’re as happy and bouncy as those weird air dancer things that every used car lot puts next to their curb. Boxers are the best dogs (that’s my factual opinion).

So, when a dozen years spent with our last boxer baby came to an end last May, we knew we wanted another boxer.

Boss Snider

Just like our old boxer, this new little furball was the leftover, last-one-left, clearance boxer of the litter. And we immediately fell in love.

But I knew haters would be hating.

They’d try to shame me for buying a dog. They’d sneak numbers and figures into conversations with me, reminding me that X-number of dogs are euthanized every day. They’d comment on my social media posts asking me if Scout was a rescue.

I honestly felt the shame, thank you very much.

But then I remembered.

Oh, right, these are dogs we’re talking about. They walk on four legs, lick their butts, and have no souls.

What really irked me most is that, while some of these rescue dog lovers are harping on me about spending money on a designer dog, they’re out there making *designer* babies (aka babies that look and act JUST LIKE THEMSELVES) when there are babies of all ages (newborn-18 years old) who are waiting to be rescued from orphanages, foster homes, group homes, and shelters all across this country and the entire globe, some of which literally spend their entire lives in a cage.

Yet, the haters hate.

“Get a rescue dog. Don’t buy from a breeder. Rescue is the best breed.”

And, all the time, while they’re spouting their animal rescue doctrine across social media, they’re neglecting (and even hindering) the voices of those who are speaking up for impounded human children.


As in, small creatures that are actually humans. As in, the only creatures in all of creation that were created in the image of God. As in, the only creatures in all creation that were given souls. As in, the next generation of people who will decide the fate of our society and country and world. As in, bodies who walk on two legs and speak real words (not just bark) and who have the ability to create magnificent creations with their hands and write amazing stories and give the most selfless love of any species.

Yes, I’m still talking about human children. Why? Because they matter more than anything else in all God’s creation.

So, if your voice is more outspoken about rescuing the 6.5 million animals in US shelters than on the 153 MILLION ORPHANS WORLDWIDE, then I’m taking your shame and calling it lame.

Fact: humans > animals



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