Church & God

Nomed, In My Head

Written May 13, 2010
His slither tongue in my ear stung, raised bumps upon my neck. 

“Who’s in my room?” I trembled, doom- a shudder in my breast.
A gentle way, “Let’s us two play. You, I’ll never neglect.”
My fear arrest, we coalesced, naive this be my death.

At first his touch brought pleasure much, slight sense that it was odd.
Inside my head, that demon climbed- “How good my kiss will feel.”
With tongue so quick, his vile lick left wounds upon my bod.
From unseen ruse came my abuse. Injures, no balm could heal. 
My mind, how raw from demon’s gnaw- venom gorged, sharp teeth ripped.
That devil’s game, my body maim, tormenting was his glee.
My knees hit dirt. “Please stop- I hurt!” I numb, emotions stripped.
Compassion feign, “I hear your pain. Another chance, give me?”

His poison sweet, my dead heart’s beat desired another dose.
I don’t know why, it wasn’t I that longed for self-destruct.
“Come to me now.” He touched my brow, injected toxic woes.
I swam, but sank. His tune so rank, foul thoughts in my head tucked.

He touched my core. “Desire more?” He asked so mockingly.
“I’ve had enough, your bitter stuff,” though sure my no meant yes.
He knew the same, prepared a flame and closed proximity.
But short he stopped, his toxin dropped, his face showing a stress.

It was not clear what made his fear. A kind hand touched my hair.
His nasty lips like razor whips, “Get back! This girl is mine!”
“Quiet, you fiend!” To me, he leaned. “This more than you can bear?”
My nod affirmed. That devil squirmed. Savior’s hand waved a sign.

Winged swarm arrived with plan contrived. And demon, they surround.
His bitter cry delighted I. They plucked, removed his scale.
His mouth, it thrashed. With fists, swarm smashed. To hell, this one was bound.
Yet little creep with fury deep, lashed out with tongue and tail.

He full of fight did hiss and bite. “Give here, I’ve had enough.”
With large hands firm, Savior squashed worm. “For you, my palms I stain.”
“Beloved know: I love you so. Though life be ever tough.”
“So, on me, rest. You will be blessed.” In peace I slept, no pain. 

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