Adoption & Fostering

Beautiful Without Scars

I’m a spectator staring at a beautiful building. I’ve only just seen her for the first time but I can see so much life in this building that I smile and stare at her. I already love her.

But this beautiful building is in the hands of arsonists. They burn beautiful things. I can’t stop them- I’m only the clean up crew. I just have to wait for the flame to grow large enough for someone to notice and call the fire department. They’ll come in and do their best to put out the fire, and I’ll follow close behind, cringing as they break through carved doors and stained glass windows, as they spray pressurized water onto precious works of art. They mean well, but sometimes their intentions just cause additional damage.

I’ll wait patiently for them to finish, knowing that it’s not my time yet. Finally, when everything is drenching wet, broken and scorched, I’ll gently lay my hand on the building and whisper to her, “I know you’re hurting and I want to help. I promise to be careful with you.” I’ll work with others and we’ll spend long, unending hours trying our best to restore that scorched building to her most beautiful state. We’ll hurt with her as we uncover wounds she’s hiding. We will fall in love with her again and again, admiring how she’s changing, how she’s becoming something new and wonderful. She’ll become such a significant part of our lives that we won’t be able to imagine what we did before her. And, finally, she’ll be beautiful again- more beautiful than before.

Then, it’ll be her turn to tell the story of how she got her scars. Those scars will make her unique- different from every other building. You’ll admire her strength and how well she overcame the challenges of near destruction. You’ll admire us for our care. And, we will indeed feel like we did something good because we’ll love what she’s become.

But, as much as it hurts me to think, I don’t ever want to know her because, if I do, it means she’s been burned and broken. I wish I could prevent the fire from taking place. Oh, how I wish I could.

I want those arsonists to extinguish their torches before they damage her. I want them to be careful with her and protect her. I want them to realize what a special gift she is and to love her more than they love
their fire.

I don’t want to see that beautiful building damaged by carelessness and brokenness. I want her to thrive and be beautiful without scars.

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