Adoption & Fostering

153 Million Orphans Worldwide

I love this quote. “I always questioned if I was ready to adopt and then realized no child was ready to be an orphan.” –David Platt
Countless people have said, “We (or I) thought about adopting but…” I get it. Life gets in the way. You end up having “your own kids.” The adoption process is too complex to maneuver. It’s too expensive. You feel unqualified. Et cetera.
But the fact remains there are over 153 million orphans worldwide.
I don’t want to guilt anyone into adopting but I do want to encourage those who’ve let the words “We thought about adopting but…” escape their lips to reconsider what made them first think about adopting and why they never took the next step.
I’m no adoption expert but I know a little bit about it now. If you’ve thought about adopting but… then don’t hesitate to ask me, or someone else who’s adopted, how to help guide or support you to make a world of difference for one of those orphans. You may not think of yourself as a world changer, but you can change the world for an orphan.
*** Note- I originally posted this post 15 months ago. At that time, there were only 143 million orphans worldwide. That means in 15 months, the number of orphans worldwide has increased by 10 million. It’s a crisis, people- an epidemic.

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