Author Services

You’ve written the next bestseller… accomplished your lifelong dream of writing your first novel… got a message the world needs to hear… but you don’t know how to turn your Word doc into a finished product. Let me help!


Starting at $1.00 per 275 words, I’ll proofread your manuscript, cover letter, essay—or whatever document you need polished. I’ll check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and story continuity.

*Please allow at least 24 hours for every 10,000 words. For proofreading which requires a more urgent turnaround time, rates increase to $1.00/200 words.
*I reserve the right to charge more for a manuscript which requires more proofreading than is typical. While this may be a necessity for a non-English-speaking native, this also applies to those with poor grammatical skills. A 1500-word or 10-page sample of your work will allow me to evaluate your writing skills and, thus, make rate adjustments if necessary.
*I reserve the right to refuse to proofread your work based on content (i.e. too graphic or explicit).

Formatting—ebook and Paperback

Want to reach readers on a widescale? Publishing an ebook may be your best solution!
Have you always dreamed of holding a copy of your own book? I can help make that dream come true!

Starting at $100.00, I’ll turn your manuscript into an ebook and/or paperback (cover not included).

Rates run:
$100/1-40k words
$150/40k-60k words
$200/60k-100k words
$300+/100k+ words

*I typically only format fictional manuscripts. If you would like a non-fiction quote, please contact me so we can discuss your vision for the design and layout.
*If your work requires graphics, images, charts, etc., you must provide them to me in a digital high-resolution format.
*I reserve the right to refuse to format a manuscript based on content (i.e. too graphic or explicit).

Amazon Author Support

Are you planning to self-publish but don’t know how to navigate Amazon’s self-publishing site? For $50, I’ll give you a basic tutorial on how to set up your author account, upload your book files, manage your digital bookshelf, and more!

Rachel did a wonderful job proofreading for me. She found mistakes that had made it past many people. Not only that, she found an editing error that had slipped by three different editors. She’s the perfect storm of accurate, fast, and affordable, and I have total confidence that my book is now perfect. I’ll be contacting her again for future projects.
Kevin Johnson, author of Bridging the Gap, The Hill
& The Hill II

“When I somehow completed my first book, I decided to self-publish. I was seventy-four, then, and doubted I could afford to wait around going the agent/publisher route (plus, there’s the little matter of actually getting an agent/publisher). As I sat there, scratching my head about my next step, a friend suggested R.M. Snider (or Rachel to us less-sophisticated types). I contacted her, and for a very nominal fee (I won’t say how much, mainly because I can’t remember – did I mention I was seventy-four?), she graciously took on the job. I could go into great detail about all she did to whip that book into shape (another fib; I can’t remember), and how wonderful the formatting looked when she finished, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll say that, when I finished my second book, I flew straight to Rachel to format that one, too. You can see the results, and judge for yourself, by typing my last name on the Amazon search bar. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s past my bedtime.”
Bill Wilwers, author of Home is Where the Hound is & Bertie Steps Out

“I can’t sing enough praises for Rachel’s skill as a proofreader and formatter. Reasonable pricing & professional work. She’s a superb author herself and very knowledgeable about what it takes to polish the quality of your manuscript for today’s competitive industry.”
Judy Harrington, author of
A.B.I.L. and A.B.I.L. Returns

“Rachel worked with me to format my book of short stories, Early Morning in the Land of Dreams. Beyond being a meticulous formatter, she asked thoughtful questions that helped me get the look I wanted. She is also a wealth of knowledge and offered support during the entire process. Finally, she read through my manuscript to make sure there were no grammatical or typographical errors. Of course, I had already had my manuscript edited and proofread; however, this service gave me one more layer of protection. I couldn’t recommend Rachel more. She did a fantastic job for me.”
Marla Cantrell, author of Early Morning in the Land of Dreams

Contact Rachel for more info.